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  • Published Thu, Sep 22 2022
  • 98

Humber College May 23 Intake Open for International Students

If you are planning to study in Canada during May 23 Intake,

  • Published Tue, Sep 06 2022
  • 191

No Sign of relief for Indian students on Canadian study visa delay

Indian students hoping to enroll in Canadian univers...

  • Published Tue, Sep 06 2022
  • 201

Large Number of fake Document for student Visas Alerts Authorities

Nearly 15% of Indian students who apply for visas include forged documentation...

  • Published Mon, Sep 05 2022
  • 98

Mistakes students make in their letters of intent while applying for college in Canada

The dos and don'ts while creating a Letter of Intent (LoI) for the Canada Educ...

  • Published Mon, Sep 05 2022
  • 101

Measures for distance learning are in transition

Measures have been put in place to permit international students to continue t...

  • Published Wed, Aug 31 2022
  • 246

The IRCC establishes a transition period for distance learning measures

Distance education initiatives have been extended until August 31, 2023.

  • Published Mon, Aug 29 2022
  • 109

75K study permit applications from India are at present being handled: Canada

More than 230,000 Indian students are signed up for post-secondary schools in ...

  • Published Mon, Aug 29 2022
  • 93

Canadian Education Quality and Safety Impresses Overseas Students

In its sixth installment, the annual student survey conducted by the Canadian ...

  • Published Sat, Aug 27 2022
  • 332

Following Canadian visa delays, the Indian Embassy gives instructions for students.

Guidelines have been released by the Indian embassy for students who are about...

  • Published Thu, Jun 09 2022
  • 231

International students at private colleges in Quebec will no longer be eligible for the PGWP

International students graduating from unsubsidized private universities will no longer be eligib...

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