Aptech Study Abroad

Our Terms and Conditions

Please read following terms and conditions before starting process with us:

  • Aptech global will assist you to know the procedure and filing the application form.
  • Our individual representative help you to assist the case, procedure and share checklist of the required document which will be required during filling the application.
  • The company will regularly update with the latest changes in application and assessment system.

Documents: The company will ask you to send your educational and professional documents copy for the process of the immigration. The following documents will not be refundable by the company. The company will never ask to send your original documents. We would require only scan / Photo copy of the documents.

Processing time: The process time for visa are based on the process time taken by the government and the state department. Aptech Global will not be responsible for any delay in processing.

Fees and Payments: Your credit will be billed all online verification. You agree to pay all fees and charges for services offered by Aptech. You would be pay to all taxes, service charges and Shipping charges related to the services.

Services: The company provides the best services which mentioned on the website. Company will provide reports of client according to document submitted by client. Company will update you regularly on changes of application or assessment.