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No Sign of relief for Indian students on Canadian study visa delay

Indian students hoping to enroll in Canadian universities have little to no relief as visa delays persist

Regarding the difficulties encountered by university students studying in Canadian institutions, India said that New Delhi has raised the issue with Canada to ensure that students are not impacted and that the nation will continue to take steps to support Indian students who want to study abroad.

Arindamv  Bagchi, a spokesman for the ministry of external affairs, stated on Thursday: "It is a significant matter. To ensure that students are not impacted, we have brought up the issue with Canada. We'll keep doing what we can to support Indian students who desire to study overseas."

Prior to now, the Indian High Commission in Ottawa requested that the Canadian government look into the difficulties faced by university students in Canada who are unable to enroll in academic courses because of delays in the processing of their visas and student permits.

The High Commission advised that Canadian interlocutors, such as educational institutions and universities, are still in contact with Indian officials in Ottawa and consulates in Toronto and Vancouver to address issues experienced by Indian students.

In light of these problems and the fact that Indian students had already paid tuition to Canadian universities, the recommendation urged the Canadian government to process visa requests for Indian students more quickly.

It was mentioned that Canada had become a popular choice for Indian students seeking post-secondary education. The processing of visas is, however, a sovereign competence of the Canadian government, the High Commission added.

More than 230,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in post-secondary schools across Canada, and they contribute to the country's economy in a number of ways, including by paying an estimated $4 billion in tuition.

The strategic alliance between India and Canada is founded on a shared belief in democracy, pluralism, and the rule of law.

The bilateral agenda is based on deepening people-to-people ties, regular communication, and increased economic participation. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, ministerial or formal visits were not exchanged, but virtual exchanges allowed for the continuation of bilateral cooperation.

From April 1 through August 31, 2021, there were $2.968 billion in bilateral trade transactions. During this time, India exported $1.982 billion to Canada and imported $0.985 billion from that country. During this time, Canadian portfolio investments expanded in India.

Both nations continued to negotiate the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) and the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) (BIPPA).

With 230,000 Indian students studying in Canada, there is a strong exchange of information and talent between the two nations, with India set to overtake the United States as the largest source of international students.

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