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North Island College British Columbia Canada

Are you planning to Study in Canada for May 23 or Sept 23 Intake, this is the best time to reserve your seat by applying for North Island College in Canada

North Island College is a public college located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, North Island College is ranked 116th in Canada.

NIC Offers  a variety of programs in health care, trades, business, fine arts, tourism,


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North Island college admission application and Tuition fee 



Fee in CAD


Admission application fee

CAD $ 100


Average tuition for UG programs

CAD 15000 /per annum


Average tuition for GG programs

CAD 17000 /per annum

Admission requirements to apply for North Island College

Are you ready to study at NIC? Welcome! We are here to support you through applications and admissions. You must meet the below requirements

1.  Age: A student must be 18 or older

2.  English language:

Students must meet the English language requirement depending on the programs

For the Undergraduate program – students must have an overall score of 6.0 bands but no less than 5.5 in the Academic module.

For Postgraduate programs: students must score 6.5 bands overall but not less than six bands for graduate programs. 

3.  Program-specific requirements: 

some program-may have specific requirements; for example, if students want to apply for a Fine Arts Diploma, they must also submit a portfolio. In addition, other conditions such as subject, percentage, backlog acceptable, etc., may be required.

Please call our admission expert or call us at 750-383-2132 or 928-928-9007 if you need any advice regarding requirements. 

4.  Other considerations:

A student also needs to consider other factors, such as 

  • Deadline,
  • Tuition fee, 
  • seat availability, 
  • admission application fee,
  • Intake 

Still, if you need clarification, don't hesitate to contact our admission specialist at 750-383-2132, 928-928-9006, or 928-928-9007. Or write us at admission@aptechstudyabraod.com

 Documents required to apply to North Island College

All the students must provide a number of the documents on this list in order to apply to North Island College.

  • copies of Passport bio pages 
  • High school transcripts and graduation certificates (undergraduate programs)
  • Post-secondary transcripts and credentials (certificate, diploma, degree, etc.)
  • Official English proficiency results:
  • Supplemental documents as required by the specific program
  • Colour photograph
  • Resume 
  • Gap explanation 
  • Experience letter ( if working) 
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Other requirements (if applicable), such as portfolios or reference letters.

North Island College Testimonials



North Island College

Getting admissions in NIC College was my fortune it is great college in Canada




North Island College

My experience was amazing NIC is the best college




North Island College

I recommend it to those who want to study in British Columbia




North Island College

NIC is a Perfect college in British Columbia


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