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Canadian Education Quality and Safety Impresses Overseas Students

In its sixth installment, the annual student survey conducted by the Canadian bureau for international education found that foreign students who come to Canada for higher education are quite satisfied.

Finding a place to live and hunting for a job that suits you are the main hurdles. But the students place a high value on Canada’s reputation for safety.

From "pre-arrival planning through study and post-graduate phases," according to the survey, "challenges and possibilities that come to light when abroad students move to Canada to study are brought to the fore."

According to the survey, the majority of international students were pleased with their time studying in Canada and would suggest it as one of the finest study abroad countries because of its safety reputation.

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The sixth time that CBIE has conducted its International Student Survey (ISS), which includes 67 institutions across Canada, is this year. Between October and December 2021, 40,000 international students from various source countries actively responded to this poll.

The CBIE is also an organization that represents schools, cégeps, colleges, universities, institutions, language schools, and polytechnics for students who are studying abroad. According to the International Student Survey (ISS) for 2022, the quality of education provided by postsecondary institutions accounts for 69.5%, while safety and security make up 79% of the benefits of studying in Canada.

Furthermore, the tolerant and inclusive Society of Canada receives a high priority rating of 50% from international students. Additionally, significance varies depending on the origin country. For instance, French students trust the school's online presence and are more receptive to agent advice whereas Chinese students prefer peer recommendations.

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