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Canada study visa/ permit is an authorization issued by Citizenship Immigration Canada to foreign nationals; Canada student visa allows foreign nationals to study in Canada at designated learning institutions (DLI). Canada study visa/ permit is usually valid for the length of your study course you want to pursue and additional extra 90 days. These 90 days duration let you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay.

If you are a citizen of India, China, Philippines, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal or Vietnam, then you are eligible to apply for your Canada student visa through direct student stream (SDS).

Please note Canada study permit is not a visa, and it will not allow you to travel to or from Canada, so you need to apply for a visitor visa if you have the plan to leave or return to Canada during your study duration.

Canada student visa benefits:

You can avail numerous benefits on Canada study visa.

  • Work while studying:
  • Canadian student visa allows you and your spouse while you are studying in Canada. You can work many ways such as:

  • On-campus work
  • Off-campus
  • Work Co-op placements
  • Internships
  • Please Find Current minimum wages per hour in Canadian provinces wise.

    Nunavut CAD $ 16.00 per hour
    Alberta CAD $ 15.00 per hour
    British Columbia CAD $ 14.60 per hour
    Ontario CAD $ 14.25 per hour
    Yukon CAD $ 13.85 per hour
    Northwest territory CAD $ 13.46 per hour
    Quebec CAD $ 13.10 per hour
    Prince Edward Island CAD $13.00 per hour
    Nova Scotia CAD $ 12.95 per hour
    New Found land Labrador CAD $ 12.50 per hour
    Manitoba CAD $ 11.90 per hour
    New Brunswick CAD$ 11.75 per hour
    Saskatchewan CAD $ 11.45 per hour
  • Post-graduation work permit (PGWP):
  • Once your study finishes, you will be eligible to apply for a Canada post-graduation study permit; please note post-graduation work permit validity depends upon study program duration.

  • Apply Canada PR:
  • If you pursue your master’s degree from a specific institute in Canada, you will be eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa without any work experience.

  1. Canada Student Visa Process

    Get admission in the designated learning institute of Canada by following some simple steps. Read more

  2. Canada Student Visa Requirements

    Are you meeting the english proficiency requirements, do you have a proof of acceptance from a designated institute and so much more. Read more

  3. Canada Student Visa Processing time

    Get your Canada Student Visa within in a few weeks with Student Direct Stream. Read more

  4. Canada Student Visa Documents Checklist

    Find all the documents you need to submit before the authorities to get your visa approved. Read more

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