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Why pursue MBA in Canada

Canada attracts millions of international students and is the most preferred study-abroad destination. Canada is home to the world’s top universities which are globally recognized. Pursuing an MBA in Canada comes with a wide range of opportunities. With its diverse environment, very amicable immigration process, good-paying job possibilities, and open doors to permanent residency (PR) and citizenship. In this text, you will provide a broad picture of the advantages of pursuing an MBA in Canada.

Canada gives you many reasons to pursue your MBA there.

Globally ranked institutions:

As per QS World University ranking 2021, approximately eight Canadian universities are ranked in the top 150 global universities for MBA. Every year, nearly half a million international students go to Canada for further studies. It offers students an opportunity to learn live experience in a country mainly focused on an entrepreneur mindset.

Quality of education:

Offering the best study environment with perfect political stability low crime rate, the institutes provide them with an education platform to study, train, and earn at their optimum level.

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Promising course option

A Canadian business degree is considered among the top 10 courses with the highest placement rate. Companies that are well established are prioritizing aspirants who have MBAs from Canada. As one of the developed nations, Canada offers catholic career opportunities for MBA holders, and it acts as a catalyst to get high-earning job prospects.

Flourishing financial sector:

The financial services sector rate is comparatively more substantial in Canada. It grew around 11.6% in the past decade (2015-2020), indicating that MBA-passed students have higher employment opportunities in prestigious companies.

Post-study work opportunities

With the Canadian government encouraging various SMEs and start-ups to build themselves, also they are more focused on economic development and growth. That's why there are increased work opportunities in Canada for MBA graduates.

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Value for your Money

Studying MBA in Canada is one of the best investments for the future. An individual can earn up to $79,076 per year. It is the average salary of an MBA holder in Canada. Starting from approx $34,170 per year (at the entry-level), it can grow up to $120,793 per year (for most experienced people).

Friendly Visa and Path for Accessible Residential Citizenship:

Immigration procedures often require tiresome paperwork. But things are a whole less easy with Aptech for Indian and international students when it comes to a Canadian student visa. Besides, the path for Canada PR and citizenship also becomes more accessible to us, who genuinely want to upgrade him.

International students get a chance to apply for permanent residency in Canada immediately after completing their course.

Every citizen aspiring to the idea of business wants to set up their own company. That's why an MBA is becoming the top priority of youth. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a course that requires specific training in the management sector and a person willing to explore further learning and exposure opportunities. In addition, MBA is a program that can open various options for a future career.

Canadian MBA programs aim to flourish the necessary skills required to deal with real-world business challenges successfully. So we must say pursuing MBA from Canada can be a life-changer, and to get the best college for MBA in Canada, Aptech study abroad experts will always be available for you.

If you have a query about the best MBA colleges in Canada/ Top MBA colleges in Canada or looking for MBA admission in Canada professional services.

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