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What is Canadian DLI?

A recognized educational institution in Canada is a university or institution that has been given the go-ahead by a provincial or territorial government to accept international students. DLI is important for getting a study permit in Canadian colleges for international students. Canada has a huge rundown of schools that have gotten DLI endorsements. One of the requirements for an international student's ability to study in Canada, which became mandatory on June 1, 2014, is approval from a college on the DLI Canada list. A Letter of Acceptance issued by DLI Canada is desired under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation (IRPR) for an international student who aspires to enroll in courses in Canada that are longer than six months.

On the study permit application structure, the understudy should incorporate the DLI number (DLI), which begins with the letter "O." You should consequently confirm the DLI number of the particular DLI schools in Canada to which you are applying.

We should analyze the benefits of going to DLI schools in Canada now that we know about the DLI idea here:

Motives for selecting DLI Colleges in Canada

In Canada, it is the obligation of every region or domain to distinguish post-auxiliary establishments that acknowledge global understudies. Schools, colleges, CEGEPs, confidential professional universities, professional schools, and language schools might be on the rundown of Designated Learning Institutions. In any case, a few schools in Quebec truly do have a few exemptions. In spite of being perceived by the common government, they don't have a DLI number.

In Canada, you have to make sure to follow three aspects while selecting a designated learning institution. Here they are mentioned in brief:

  1. The federal government or an agency oversees the operation of DLI colleges in Canada.
  2. They must have to meet all provincial regulations for providing higher education in Canada.
  3. The diplomas or degrees awarded by DLI universities in Canada are respected internationally.

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The DLI number of every college, institute, and university on the Canada DLI list is urgent data. How about we analyze the meaning of the DLI number for concentrating on Canada:

What does Canada's DLI Number mean?

The term "DLI number" It’s a unique set of numbers given to each college and university included on the DLI Canada list. IRCC obtains confirmation of the designation status from the provincial or territorial minister of education, and then it is allotted to the post-secondary institutions. On the IRCC site, you might find Canada's entire DLI list.

Here are the instructions for doing the same:

  1. Go to the IRCC's official website.
  2. When you select a province or territory, the DLI Canada list for that area will appear. This depends on where your designated learning institution is located.
  3. Use the search box to input the institution's name, city, or other relevant information. There, you might find the organization's name and DLI number.
  4. Record the DLI number and use it to propel your application for Canadian investigations.

How do I modify my DLI number?

File a procedural request at IRCC with a valid reason to switch from one post-secondary institution to another due to a circumstance. Prior to starting the system, you should have the accompanying papers prepared on the grounds that you will change your DLI number:

  1. A copy of your student ID.
  2. The acceptance letter from the former DLI institution.
  3. The Designated Learning Institution Canada's DLI number and the letter of acceptance.
  4. Let’s check out the procedures for altering your DLI number now:
  5. Log in to your account by visiting My CIC.
  6. Look under the Start an application option for the students: Transfer Schools link.
  7. Enter your application number and click the Start an application option.
  8. You will next be taken to the page titled "Tell us about your application." Enter all the data, then continue.
  9. Next, you must click the option labeled "Search for my application."
  10. Type in the DLI of the institution you wish to switch to.
  11. Subsequent to choosing Submit Transfer, you are done.

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Canadian DLI Colleges List

There are many alternatives available because there are many names on Canada's approved DLI list. As an international student, you are free to select them based on the province or the city in which you wish to reside. Here is a list of Designated Learning Institutions organized by Canadian provinces:

Ontario DLI Colleges

Name of the Institution

DLI Number


ABC Access Business College


North York

Algonquin College



Canada College of Education



Centennial College



Cambrian College of Applied



DLI Colleges in Alberta

Name of the Institution

DLI Number



Columbia College



Alison College



Canadian Imperial College



Lethbridge College



NorQuest College



DLI Colleges in British Columbia

Name of the Institution

DLI Number


Ashton College


Abbotsford, Vancouver

Canadian College



Camosun College



Columbia College



Eton College



DLI Colleges in Quebec

Name of the Institution

DLI Number


Vanier College



CDE College



Cegep John Abbott



College Canada inc.



College LaSalle



It is true that one of the main requirements for overseas students who wish to study in Canada is to select a reputable DLI in accordance with their area of interest. The SDS program, which includes DLI Canada, provides additional advantages for overseas students.


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