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  • Published   [ Thu, Nov 03 2022]
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Reasons behind rejection of Canada Student Visa and ways to prevent

According to the IRCC, there will be 621,565 international students in Canada in 2022. The amount of applications for Canadian student visas following COVID-19 is at an all-time high. In 2022, almost 230,000 applications for the Canada Study permit were made from India alone. An increase in applications has led to an overabundance of Canada student visa denials. As of September 2022, 60% of Indian states rejected applications for Canadian student visas. This is much higher than the 30% average for Canada visa denials. The majority of these rejections have a few common causes.

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Reasons behind the Canada Student Visa Rejection 2022

  • Study Plan: Without a thorough and logical study plan, the officer won't be persuaded that traveling to Canada is primarily for academic purposes. If a person already has post-graduate training or professional experience, there must be a logical progression of studies. The student's program selection in Canada must make sense to them, or a clear explanation of how their Canadian diploma will benefit them when they return to their home country must be provided. The most typical excuse for refusing is this.
  • Financial Justification: The annual starting price of tuition in Canada is $15,000. The Canadian government wants to make sure that a student has access to funding for both living costs and tuition. As proof, a bank statement showing at least $30,000 CAD equivalent must be shown.
  • Lack of Travel Experience: If a person does not have any prior international travel experience, they will be denied a visa if they apply alone. By using legal justifications and a reference to a Federal Court Case in the application, our company can get beyond this objection.
  • Strong Family Ties to Canada: Surprisingly, the presence of family members in Canada may be grounds for denial, and applications from people may also be rejected. By using legal justifications and a reference to a Federal Court Case in the application, our company can get beyond this objection.
  • A lack of supporting documentation
  • Resident's Illegal Status in Country
  • Lack of employment opportunities in the student's home country if they are older
  • If the student is older, their employment situation is right now.
  • Personal Resources
  • Documents that don't seem to be genuine
  • Previous overstaying status on a trip to Canada

Additional grounds for denial that apply to all foreign visitors to Canada

  • Criminality
  • Criminal activity (having previously been charged with a crime)
  • False statement (having misrepresented information to Canada immigration previously and received a ban)
  • Prior Deportation: for illegally extending a visit
  • Medically ineligible: afflicted with an illness that poses a risk to Canadians.
  • Human Rights Violations: Former military service for a nation that has been accused of committing war crimes. For this inadmissibility to be removed, more documentation must be submitted.

How to Prevent Rejection of a Canada Student Visa

  • Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent visa denials altogether, now that you are aware of some of the reasons why visas are denied.
  • Make a list of the essential paperwork you must submit to get a study visa. You can find a list of the same on the official Canadian government website.
  • Completely and accurately fill out the visa application. There should be no empty columns in the table.
  • Students must also upload a copy of the acceptance letter they received from a recognized Canadian college or university.
  • If submitting an application under the SPP, the applicant must be able to provide documentation of their financial situation. It is recommended that they get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate by sending CAD $10,200 to Scotia Bank. The ICICI Bank also offers GIC to Indian students.
  • Salary stubs or bank statements must be provided as evidence if the applicant has work experience.
  • Include any prior travel experiences and visa denials (if any) in the visa file.
  • Complete the online application by responding to all of the questions on the CIC website.
  • The most crucial document that serves as the applicant's introduction to the visa officer is the statement of purpose. Please mention your academic achievements and your desire to pursue a Canadian degree. The file may succeed or fail based on this statement of intent.


What happens if your study permit application is rejected?

The applicant can be permitted to resubmit with a new application if the previous one is denied. To ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, get in touch with us soon away.

What is the turnaround time for a Canada study permit?

Depending on the visa office, obtaining a Canada study permit can take a while. For more information on visas and other requirements, kindly get in touch with us as soon as possible.

How does one enroll in a Canadian university?

Applying for admission to a school that has received government approval is the first stage. An individual might be qualified to apply for a study permit after receiving a letter of acceptance.


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