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Information You Should Know About Postgraduate Degrees in Canada

The popularity of postgraduate diploma programmes among international students coming to Canada to study is rising. The main draws of these courses are their shorter length and affordable expenditure. These programmes also provide students the option to combine two courses of one year eachby selecting it of their choice to specialize in a particular profession.

How much does it cost to seek PGDP course in Canada? What can be earnings after seek these courses?

For the Post Graduate Diploma Program (PGDP) in Canada, you must get a certain grade. Depending on the university or college, this varies. As part of the curriculum, you must also take part in industrial initiatives. In Canada, the PGDP can cost anywhere between INR 15 Lakhs and INR 7 Lakhs. After finishing your PGWP, you may expect to make anything between CAD 60,000 and CAD 30,000 yearly.

How to seek PGDP courses in Canada?

For the purpose of studying a postgraduate diploma programme in Canada, the Canada Study Permit is required. Additionally, admission calls for passing a college course. Completing the PGDP will also increase your chances of landing a job in Canada.

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If your PGDP is full-time, you may also be eligible for a Post-Study Canada Work Visa for a period of one year. Students from abroad who pursue a 2-year PGDP may also be eligible for several Canadian immigration schemes. For finishing a two-year PGDP and landing a job, you can earn more CRS points. Your prospects of being granted permanent residence in Canada are improved by this.

Why pursue your PGDP in Canada?

Academically speaking, a postgraduate diploma is positioned above an undergraduate degree and below a master's degree. You must have finished an undergraduate degree or its equivalent to be eligible to study for a PGDP in Canada. Nowadays, more international students enrol in PGDPs than in Master's programmes these mention reasons.

Shorter-term programmes like PGDPs or Certificate Programs let students to experience the business world while they are still in school. The main causes of the rise of foreign students enrolling in PGDPs in Canada are as follows:

  • These courses allow you to intern while you study in Canada, and you can benefit from subsequent job offers.
  • PGDPs are affordable in comparison to regular Master's programmes at universities, and affordability is one of their major advantages.
  • PGDPs are highly job-oriented, focusing on helping students gain in-demand skills needed by the industry and businesses.
  • The PG Diploma Programs are more focused on developing job skills than on research.

Furthermore, studying in Canada ensures that you take use of top-notch educational resources in a varied, forward-thinking, and multicultural atmosphere. Canada is a country of immigrants, thus your prospects of staying and gaining Canadian Permanent Residence are very good. In compared to other advanced countries. As previously mentioned, PGDPs last for a shorter time as a Master's programme and are also less expensive.

Here are the well-known postgraduate programmes in Canada

Here are a handful of the most popular PGDPs in Canada for international students:

  • Health Science
  • Technology and Science
  • Business Administration
  • Computer technology
  • Data analytics and Data science

Top Universities in Canada providing Postgraduate Diploma Programs

In Canada, the vast majority of colleges and certain community colleges provide PGDPs to international students. Leading institutions include:

  • Seneca College
  • North Island College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • University of Alberta
  • Sheridan College
  • Algonquin College
  • Confederation College
  • Centennial College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Fleming College
  • Niagara College
  • Humber College
  • Durham College
  • George Brown College

Qualifications for Canadian Postgraduate Diploma Programs

Depending on the university and college, different individuals may meet the requirements for a PGDP in Canada. However, the following are some typical requirements for eligibility:

  • An acceptable Bachelor's or undergraduate degree from a reputable school
  • An IELTS score of six bands is necessary to prove English language competency.
  • GRE or GMAT requirements for PGDPs in business management or project management
  • Some colleges may even need a minimum of three to four years of professional experience.

Canada offers one- and two-year postgraduate diploma programmes.

Canada's one-year postgraduate diploma programme:

A one-year PGDP with two or three semesters might cost between CAD 15,000 and 10,000. These programmes can provide you with the necessary training to improve your employment prospects in the chosen industry in Canada.

Canada's two-year postgraduate diploma programme:

A 2-year PGDP with 4 or 6 semesters might run between 20,000 and 15,000 Canadian dollars. You may also combine two 1 Year PGDPs to get a special 2 Year PGDP. A 2-year PGDP gives you the opportunity to stay on a 3-year Canada Work Visa, which is its main benefit. This can significantly increase your chances of receiving the Canada Permanent Residence.

Scholarships for Post Graduate Diploma Programs

A couple of the Canadian universities that provide PGDPs also offer scholarships to international students. Here are some well-known scholarships you may apply for while pursuing a PGDP in Canada:

International students Canada Scholarship Program 

If an international student is enrolled in one of Niagara College's courses and has a study permit, the college will grant them this scholarship. CAD 2000 is made available to selected students.

Paul Foundation Scholarships

All international students, including Indians who want to study abroad, are eligible for these scholarships. Approximately CAD 26,900 in financial help is given to selected students.

FORKTIP Women Innovation Scholarships

Women who want to study abroad are given these scholarships. CAD 2000 is made available to selected students.

Broker fish International Student Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to international students in order to cover their health insurance costs. A CAD 1300 offer is made to selected students.

Job Opportunities in Canada following a PG Diploma

Canada's postgraduate diploma programmes emphasize industry. Many PGDPs feature Co-ops or internships that provide real-world business experience throughout the course. Depending on the length of their degree, international students who successfully complete the programme can also apply for a 1 or 3 year Canada Work Visa.

You may be confident that, upon programme completion, you will find employment in Canada thanks to the strong career emphasis of the PGDPs. These programmes provide you the skills you need for jobs in Canada while also assuring that you are qualified to work elsewhere in the world.

Depending on the degree you choose, you can enter the relevant industries and earn rich earnings. Depending on the business and work profile, a fresher with a PGDP might earn anywhere between CAD 50,000 and CAD 35,000 in compensation.

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