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How to study at affordable cost in Canada?

Which is one of the top locations for higher education, do you know? If Canada sprang to mind, you're on the correct track. The educational system in Canada is excellent, the people are friendly, and there are many job options for overseas students. However, attending classes here might be pricey. Unless you discover how to study for free in Canada by adhering to these straightforward rules!

Canada is swiftly advancing to take the top spot among countries to study abroad. It gives graduates incredible career chances, is more affordable than other English-speaking nations and is very student-friendly.

Canadian universities are among the greatest in the world and are of the highest caliber. The nation also guarantees a high standard of living. Furthermore, you can study in Canada for nothing or for a very small sum of money. Learn how by reading this blog.

How Can I Study on a low budget in Canada?

Germany and certain Scandinavian nations, like Canada, do not provide free higher education. There are, however, a number of ways to cut the price of studying in Canada. You must start by lowering your expenses and raising your revenue. The good news is that it's simple to locate lucrative part-time work in Canada.

Here are some suggestions to help you maintain a low budget while studying in Canada:

  1. Consider enrolling in an institution with low or no tuition (we will discuss this in detail in the next section).
  2. Prepare your own meals rather than dining out every day.
  3. Purchase items at thrift stores. These stores offer a wide variety of high-quality goods at much cheaper costs.
  4. Resist the peer pressure to purchase items and join clubs (such as salsa, the gym, etc.) that can strain your money.
  5. Try to commute by foot as much as you can.
  6. Whenever and wherever you can, take advantage of student discounts.

Five Canadian Universities with Affordable Bachelor's Degree Programs

No matter how many cost-cutting methods you implement, your ability to enroll in an institution with a low tuition price will be the only way to reduce the overall cost of your education in Canada. Five universities are listed below that provide relatively reasonable bachelor's degree programs to international students.

Canadian Mennonites University

Interdisciplinarity and hands-on learning are what set CMU's studies in the arts and sciences apart.

Canadian Mennonite University is where we're going to start our list (CMU). It provides a complete product that is international and student-friendly in every way. Many overseas students will find CMU to be a fairly affordable institution, regardless of the course offerings or tuition structure.

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21 majors are available in the university's three- and four-year bachelor's degrees. International students must spend 12583 USD a year to enroll full-time. This sum covers the cost of tuition, a comprehensive meal plan, dorm accommodations, and health insurance.

Brandon University

Take advantage of BU's excellent faculty-student engagement and small class sizes.

One of the top choices for international students is Brandon University, which is situated in Manitoba. The university has a reputation for giving international students special attention. Under the direct supervision of professors, they receive research possibilities. The university grants bachelor's degrees in a wide range of fields, including business administration, finance, science, and the arts.

In the first year, you will need to deposit about 27,000 USD. This sum covers all expenses related to full-time education, such as tuition, housing costs, food expenses, course materials, and health insurance.

Université de Saint-Boniface

A public university that speaks French is called the Université de Saint-Boniface.

Consider enrolling in this French institution if you are fluent in both spoken and written French. Université de Saint-Boniface (USB), which is a part of the University of Manitoba, is situated in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, suburbs. At the University of Manitoba, graduates of the USB bachelor's program can pursue a master's degree.

The social sciences, the arts, the sciences, business, teaching, translation, and nursing are all currently available as courses at USB. The annual tuition for overseas students is roughly USD 7,500.

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph combines historical and contemporary architecture with cutting-edge technology to create stunning, secure campuses and a welcoming, supportive atmosphere.

On this list, the University of Guelph is not the least expensive Canadian institution. Their Ivy League standards, however, justify their charge. This university is still regarded as one of the best in Canada while maintaining a competitive price. Five colleges make up the University of Guelph, and each one grants bachelor's degrees to foreign students.

The biological sciences, engineering and physical sciences, business and economics, the arts, and the social and applied human sciences are all represented by these colleges. International students' full-time annual tuition costs at the University of Guelph begin at $18,000 USD.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

This multicampus, multidisciplinary institution is committed to excellence, innovation, and creativity.

Many overseas students choose Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) because of the numerous bachelor's degrees and diploma programs it provides. The university has created a special division just for international students and is quite hospitable to them. Student counseling, conflict resolution, and group activities are all handled by this division.

One of the least expensive universities in Canada is MUN. Every program's full-time tuition rate hovers around 7,000 USD.

Five Canadian Universities with Affordable Master's Programs

Look into these possibilities if you want to study for a Master's degree in Canada while working a part-time job. You'll think they're fairly inexpensive.

University of Northern British Columbia

The teaching, research, energy initiative, and daily sustainability at UNBC are well-known.

In addition to business administration, science, education, nursing, and social work, the institution also provides master's programs in these fields. Additionally, you can continue your master's study and earn a Ph.D. International students pay an average of 4441 USD in tuition and fees per semester at the university.

Memorial University in Newfoundland

This multicampus, multidisciplinary institution is committed to excellence, innovation, and creativity.

International students can enroll in master's programs at MUN for affordable prices as well. As you work toward your master's degree, you can enroll in courses in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. For about 5,000 USD, you can complete the entire master's program, which lasts one year.

Simon Fraser University

The university maintains strong relationships with its international partner communities.

Simon Fraser University offers an additional alternative for foreign students to obtain their master's degree. The university is situated in British Columbia's Burnaby. It provides master's degree programs in business communication, applied sciences, art & technology, and health sciences. You will have to pay roughly 4,000 USD for a one-year program as an international student.

University of Saskatchewan

For water resources research, the University of Saskatchewan is ranked first in Canada and twenty in the world.

The University of Saskatchewan is a possibility to think about if you wish to pursue a career in medical research. It provides about 80 master's and doctoral programs overall, all for affordable tuition. This university offers master's degrees that can be earned by international students for less than $5,000 USD.

University of Calgary

You can benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration at Calgary.

Students who have chosen to finish their doctorate can also choose the University of Calgary. The institution offers a master's degree with a course-based curriculum that eventually leads to several Ph.D. degrees. The University of Calgary's thesis-based master's degree might cost as much as 20,000 USD.


If you want to study for free in Canada, you can either choose a school with affordable tuition or acquire part-time work.

Getting a scholarship is one more choice to bring down your expenses.

A variety of institutions and organizations provide scholarships of various kinds to students from abroad.

Questions Commonly Asked

What financial requirements must you meet to study in Canada?

Answer: There are a lot of variables at play in this situation, including lodging, tuition costs, travel, meals, and more. Your cost of attending a Canadian university will vary depending on the program and institution you select.

Who in Canada is entitled to free education?

Answer: Education is free for all students in Canadian public schools.

Is studying in Canada affordable?

The cost of studying in Canada is significantly lower than it is in several other nations.

Do Canadian universities offer free tuition?

The answer is that neither domestic nor overseas students can attend institutions in Canada without paying tuition. However, some colleges have fully endowed scholarships that will pay for students' whole educations. This comprises colleges and institutions like York University, Concordia University, and The University of Toronto.


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