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How can I come to Canada as an international student and settle down?

Thousands of international students are enrolled in Canadian academic programmes. Students who choose to study in Canada are not only given a world-class education, but they are also put on a path that might lead to fantastic job opportunities and permanent residency in the country.

Mentioned underneath are the initial steps that should be undertaken by the aspiring international student to study in Canada:

1. Become a student at a Designated Learning Institution.

For international students planning to study in Canada for longer than six months, a study permit is necessary. Acceptance letters from designated learning institutions (DLIs) are essential for students who are applying for a study visa to understand how they will get permission to study in Canada. A DLI is an institution that has been approved by a provincial or territorial authority to accept international students. On a regular basis, the DLI database is updated.

2. Obtain admission by meeting the requirements.

You must show proof of money, no criminal history, clean medical certifications, a police clearance certificate, and proof that you will leave the country after your study permission Aexpires. After that, be admitted into the college or university of your choosing. Students should be aware of college application deadlines, possible language requirements, and other admission criteria, as well as the cost of studying in Canada. This may be significant when applying for a study visa or later when obtaining a work permit after graduation. Finally, you will get a Letter of Acceptance from the college if you have been accepted.

 3. Obtain a study permit by submitting an application

Study permit applications can be submitted online or on paper. You will be given varying instructions depending on where you apply. On the Government of Canada's website, you may find the instructions. Pay your tuition fee, submit your online application, and all required documents. Fees for application processing and biometrics are also included. As biometrics, your fingerprints and a digital picture are employed. Depending on how your application is processed, you may be charged an additional fee for a police certificate or medical exam. Your study permit will be given to you once your application is approved.

In numerous of Canada's economic immigration procedures and programmes, international students and graduates enjoy a significant advantage. Overseas students have an edge when applying for a permanent residency visa since Canada likes applicants who have previously assimilated into Canadian life, and international students who have had exposure to Canadian education and living make strong candidates for a PR visa.

There are numerous visa types that may be used to get a PR visa for an overseas student:

The Federal Skilled Trades Class is the first of its kind in the United States (FSTC)

To be eligible for this programme, candidates must have a full-time job offer from up to two Canadian companies through the Federal Skilled Trades Program or a certificate of certification from a Canadian provincial or territorial agency. As a result, trades students and graduates are in high demand. Therefore, Canadian trades graduates and students have a tremendous opportunity since their CRS scores are doubled, giving them 30 extra CRS points on top of the points earned for their degree.

2. Class on the Canadian Experience (CEC)

For people who have recently worked in a skilled vocation in Canada, this is a fast-track immigration procedure. The advantage of obtaining an open work visa for three years for graduates is the opportunity to gather the needed experience to qualify for the CEC.

3. Federal Skilled Workers (Skilled Workers) (FSWC)

To be considered for this programme, candidates must obtain 67 points. Supplementary points are accredited for prior schooling in Canada and work experience in Canada. The score methodology for the Federal Skilled Worker Class also favours young immigrants with language skills, which advantages the majority of students and graduates.

Most of it might seem a bit complex to an aspiring fresher or a tutee who strives to pursue further education and live permanently in Canada. As a result, having expert supervision may make the procedure go more smoothly and without errors. For a more extensive analysis and guidance, you might contact a professional and experienced immigration counsellor.

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