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Five Essential Steps to Speed Up Your Application for a Canada Study Permit:

1. Fill out and submit your application online or at a Visa Application Centre (VAC)

As of December 2012, anyone with access to the Internet, a scanner or camera, and a credit card can apply for Canada online.

Why By adding more places of service, VACs make the Canada visa application process more convenient for applicants from all around the world. By pre-screening applications, VACs ensure that they are accurate and satisfy all CIC standards. Consider using a VAC to relocate to Canada if one is available in your nation.

2. Apply early!

 It's a good idea to apply for Canada as early as you can, ideally four to six months before the start of classes, even if you can check online how long it typically takes to complete Canadian study permits.

3. As soon as possible, get your medical test and police certificate.

Depending on where you plan to reside and how long you expect to stay, some prospective international students need a medical test. If your visit will be longer than six months, you will need a medical check before moving to Canada.

4. You will need a medical checkup if you lived or stayed temporarily (for six months or longer straight) in the year prior to the date you applied for entrance into Canada. This applies to nationals of nations from which a visa is not required to enter Canada.

5. You're moving to Canada to work in a field where maintaining public health is crucial. Visit Aptech Visa the best Overseas Education Consultants for a list of positions for which a medical exam is required.

  1. By completing your medical examination as soon as possible and sending it with your application, you can minimize delays. The completion of a medical exam prior to submitting your application is not required. Though doing so will speed up processing. Visit Study Abroad Consultants for further details on who need a medical exam.
  2. Some potential international students are required to get a police clearance. This can also take some time, but by finishing it beforehand, you can avoid delays. Although a police certificate is not required for the fundamental student visa application, specific missions may need one later on.
  3. Ensure that you provide the necessary documentation and that it is accurate and legible.

Your application will be returned to you, which will cause a delay, if the information is missing from it or if the information you gave was unclear.

Check with the Study Abroad Consultants to discover if any more paperwork or supporting evidence is required.

Deliver all supporting documentation, including transcripts, police reports, and other official documents, to the Canadian High Commission or other appropriate authorities with certified translations in either English or French.

Make sure you pay the correct fee.

The processing charge may be paid in local currency in many nations. Study Abroad consultants should be consulted if you need further details about costs, including how to pay them.

Your application will take longer to process or you can get a bad answer if you don't pay the fee when you should or if you submit the incorrect amount.

In addition to the variables already listed, the following factors can also lead to delays:

  1. Delay in security and medical screening
  2. Your interview request is made by IRCC.
  3. You consistently ignore requests from IRCC for more information or supporting documentation.
  4. You correspond via mail rather than using an online account.
  5. Important advice to avoid delays or rejection

Read the application guide thoroughly.

Fill out and sign the forms accurately.

  1. If requested, provide biometrics within 30 days.
  2. Include every piece of evidence.
  3. before the due date, pay the charge.
  4. Give true and accurate information
  5. Check twice before submitting

Processing Times for Canadian Study Permits

 Depending on where the applicant lives or comes from, a Canadian student visa's overall processing time varies. However, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to process an application for a student visa to Canada. However, if you apply from a specific country, you can anticipate a wait time of about 16 weeks (excluding the time involved in biometrics, if required). The number of applications received will also affect how quickly a student visa for Canada is processed. For instance, you can experience delays if you submit your application around the start of a Canadian school year.


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