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Enrolment guide for studying in canada

How to apply for a Canada study visa from India / Canada study visa process

Wish to study in Canada? Then Aptech Study Abroad is here to help you throughout the Canada student visa process. If you have queries regarding your college or university admission, make sure to consult them before applying.

Our five-step guide can help you get started on your Canada study experience.


Step 1 Choose what to study:

Select a program (Diploma/degree/ certificate) that is ideal for you. Pretty much every degree program in Canada will be taught in English or French. Regardless of whether you re an undergrad or graduate.

there are degrees in a huge number of fields such as

  1. Agriculture, Animal & Related Practices, 
  2. Arts & Culture, 
  3. Business finance & marketing, 
  4. computer & telecommunications, 
  5. Culinary, Hospitality, 
  6. Recreation & Tourism,
  7.  Education, Community & Social Services, 
  8. Energy, 
  9. Environmental & Natural Resources, 
  10. Engineering & Technology, 
  11. Fire, Justice & Security, 
  12. Health, Food & Medical, 
  13. Media, 
  14. Professions & Trades, 
  15. Transportation & Logistics

Choose relevant program better suits your career. Still, you are not sure to let Aptech study abroad help you choose the best and demanding career in Canada that will help you secure bright employment and secure a way to get your Canada PR visa.

  1. Which program you're taking,
  2. whether you are a home student or an international,
  3. You're taking admission at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.


Step 2 Choose colleges / university

Canada is globally prestigious and known to excel in the world best colleges and universities.

To apply for a Canadian study visa, you must choose a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. A designated learning institution is an institution approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students.

Each every student who has aim post-completion their qualification will get Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP), but Not all DLI make you eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

The key to a successful study abroad experience lies in planning. Once you have chosen your colleges/university and program, follow the below steps

Check the fees

Before applying, you must plan your study budget that includes

  1. application fee CAD 100 � $300,
  2. Tuition fee CAD 12000 - CAD $ 25000 per year
  3. Living cost CAD 10000 � CAD $ 12000 per year
  4. Another fee such as
  5. student health plan fee CAD 700 � 1050 p.a.
  6. Books and supplies fee CAD 500 � 800 p.a.

Check colleges and university requirements.

Once you have chosen an institution, then now you need to check colleges/university requirements. Colleges and university requirements depend upon the course you select. Generally, there are two types of requirements

  1. Academic requirements:

Academic requirements refer to grade or percentage / specific subject requirement to pursue the course in Canada

  1. Language requirements:

Language requirements mean you need to write IELTS / TOEFL and score a minimum of six bands in each or higher; language requirements also depend upon the course you want to pursue.


Step 3 Apply to study at an educational institute (colleges / Universities:

To apply for admission to the desired colleges/ university, you must send your documents and the admission fee. These documents may include a

  1. copy of your passport,
  2. academic transcripts and
  3. English language test results,
  4. photographs

Post submission of Your admission application, the Canada institute review all admission and application requirements for the chosen program of your study before beginning the process. If you are meeting requirements, the institute will issue you an offer of admission.

Post receiving an offer of admission if You've decided to go for it. Here are some early considerations for your application.

  1. Identify programs and professors of interest.
  2. Draft letter of recommendation (LOR)
  3. Write your Statement of purpose / Interest>
  4. Update your resum�.
  5. Submit your application and all supporting documents by the respective deadlines.
  6. Open GIC account
  7. Pay Tuition fee
  8. Get confirmation of enrolment (COE)


Step 4 Apply for a Canadian student Visa

In the event upon acknowledgement into a Canadian college, start the visa application measure at the earliest opportunity. Since the cycle can require as long as sixty days and requires a few crucial documents, prepare all necessary documents in advance to save time.

Please note: you need to apply for your Canadian student visa three months before the program start date.

Documents required for Canada student visa

  1. proof of acceptance from DLI institute
  2. identity proof
  3. GIC account detail and financial support evidence
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Canada stud visa application form

Once you are ready with your supporting documents & credit card for paying a Canada study visa & Biometric fee now, you can apply for a Canada study visa application online.


Step 5 Prepare for arrival:

Post-approval your Canada student visa When you arrive in Canada, you'll meet a Canadian border services officer who will make sure you meet some basic requirements. To enter Canada, you must

  1. Original passport
  2. letter of introduction
  3. letter of acceptance
  4. electronic travel authorization (eTA) OR TRV
  5. GIC certificate and bank statement
  6. ties�such as a job, home, financial assets or family
  7. Fully vaccinated travellers

Be careful while selecting your consultant; one mistake can lead to rejection or refusal of your Canada study dream.

Contact our Canada study specialist team, who have a decade of years' experience in the Canada student visa process from admission to approval Canada study visa. We at Aptech study abroad helped lots of students in fulfilling their Canada study dreams.


If you have any queries about Studying in Canada, Scholarship in Canada, Top Course in Canada and Admission process in Canada talk to our experts.

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