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Aptech Study Abroad - One of the Best Study Abroad Consultants in India

India's prominence in the world, notably in the sphere of education, provides several benefits for Delhi, the country's capital. Delhi's transition has been extremely pleasant, and as a result, the city is considered a major site for receiving and delivering top-notch education opportunities to get education abroad and simple ways to go overseas as an international student. Numerous Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi make it the place to go if you're looking for a truly global education experience.

Heartland for Canada Education Dreamers

Delhi is a hub of Study Abroad Consultants like Aptech Study Abroad the number one consultancy for Overseas Education which successfully provides Students a gateway to Canada Permanently.

People nurturing the dreams of studying in Canada find the solution to all their worries in Delhi, the national Capital has been proven to be the cultivator for people and students planning to reside, work or study in Canada. With so Many Study Abroad Consultants providing top-notch services and an assurance of providing a Canada Student Visa.

Factors for attracting students to Delhi (abroad education seeking Students)

Delhi somehow serves as an assurance link from India to abroad for students freshly out of school with big dreams of studying abroad. People from all over the country trust Education Consultants established in Delhi to be more successful, knowledgeable, and full of insight when it comes to helping students Study Abroad.

1. Foster a global culture

Delhi is itself house to diversity and global culture and beliefs and from different regions and religions all living here chasing after their dreams, jobs, education, and talent. The youth here has always been more in tune with the trends of international education and lifestyle and with zillions of consultancies making good on their promises of providing a better opportunity to students from different regions of the country seeking genuine advice.

2. The once-in-a-lifetime chance

Delhi has the world's biggest population of young people (ages 18 to 23), according to UN Population Prospects. As a result, India has a sizable population of young adults, and education will continue to be crucial to the development of the country.

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The country's finest colleges are few in number, thus applicants from within the country can anticipate stiff competition. These students can pursue their dream education abroad in contrast to other countries with smaller populations and a range of educational possibilities.

For overseas students, many destinations nations provide bursaries, scholarships, and other alluring incentives like work permit options. These are all compelling factors luring students from India.

These changes also play a crucial role in influencing students' decisions because they will undoubtedly want to be a part of a school that provides them with such worthwhile options.

3. The standard of education and employment opportunities

The future career of a student may be significantly impacted by earning a university or college degree from a foreign institution. The standard of the educational system and the number of work opportunities are two important factors that affect a student's decision on where to study abroad.

Numerous students from Delhi have achieved success after getting a Canada, in part because of the program's information they acquire as well as job opportunities and real-world industry experience.

Students from India who work overseas gain experience that is very important to potential employers and helps them avoid the severe competition that characterizes the labor market.

The key factor for the increase in Indian students studying abroad is the success of the work visa programs provided to international students and graduates.

The information is self-evident. The Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PWGPP), Canada's most well-known work permit program, has been very successful with the Indian student population. The IRCC reports that during the previous five years, interest in PGWPP among Delhi students has skyrocketed.

Indian PGWPP applications had an approval record of more than 95% over the preceding five years, and between January and September 2021, about 115,000 Indian students were given permission to study in Canada.

This accomplishment exemplifies the gratifying experience that awaits future students who choose to study in Canada. These additional opportunities, which may be found in areas like the United Kingdom and the United States, provide students with a choice of options.

There are additional criteria, such as alumni success and experience. Based on the suggestions and achievements of recently graduated students, students decide where to further their education.

Getting references for a resume and making relationships in the business are essential for a student graduate who is building a professional network for their future employment.

Recent Trends of Success stories of people getting their dream come true from Delhi

Success Stories

1. Hi, I am Rabjot a resident of New Delhi, India, I recently cleared my 12th and applied with Aptech Study Abroad which helped me get admission to my dream college and get the course I desired to pursue all thanks to the dedication and hard work of Aptech Team who made it possible for me.

2. Hello Aptech Study Abroad team I am Ekas from Delhi I applied for a course in Business Management course in Canada and I am thankful to Aptech Study Abroad for helping me in the entire process and making it possible for me to study in Canada.

Aptech Study Abroad contributes to Success Makings of Students seeking an opportunity to Study In Canada will proving 99.9% success on their admissions in colleges in Canada and Universities in Canada along with helping the students in the complete education process and SOPs and LORs and providing them with Canada Study Permit. Aptech has been proving help in education loans and documentation to housing and banking internationally for the comfort of the students.


Delhi has proven to be a hub for students seeking education in Canada from India, with so many good consultancies promising not just a chance of seeking education in Canada or abroad but also providing scholarships along with good programs and courses in the best international colleges and universities.


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