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  • Published   [ Mon, Oct 18 2021]
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5 Reasons Why Canadian Study Permit Applications Get Refused

Being a deliberate country is among the student many students think getting the best college for higher study is one of the most challenging parts. Still, its even more difficult to get a student visa during the study abroad process.

    • What is a Study permit Application
      A study permit is a document that allows a student to study at a designated learning institution in Canada, which is valid for the length of the study program youre choosing, plus additional 90 days will be given where the student may apply to extend their stay. International students who desire to have an outstanding education and wish to study in Canada must have a study permit and an entry visa


  • How many students apply for Study Visa?
    According to IRCC, 640,000 international students holding a Canadian student visa as of 31 Dec. 2021. This number marks an increase each year, but the situation was substandard due to COVID-19 in 2020.
    Unfortunately, it isnt uncommon that applications get rejected for students to have their application for a study visa. Being such a worthwhile country for study, many students aspire to pursue an education in Canada. However, the rise in applications has resulted in a surplus of Canada student visa rejections because of the high volume of applicants and less qualitative applications.
    CIC reports say that every year an average of 30% of the total student visa applications are rejected by IRPR (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act). Most of the points of rejection are based on some of the common reasons.
    The Canadian government has laid out stringency towards their student visa laws.
    Based on the study level, generally, bachelors applying students to study in Canada suffered the most rejection, and those who applied for their doctorate suffered the least. However, this will not happen if you take the best Canada study abroad consultant advice with Aptechstudyabroad.com.
    We will provide you case manager in your application process. The IRCC officers use the global Case Management System (GCMS) to review and process citizenship and immigration services applications.


Reasons for Rejection for Canadian Student Visa

It is, however, observed that a study visa application may be refused even when the applicant fulfils academic and admission requirements for an institution. Here are some of the top 5 reasons for rejection of study visa:

    • Financial Insufficiency:
      Proof of adequate funds is the minimum requirement for studying in Canada. So, proper availability of funds is mandatory. If an immigration officer suspects financial insufficiency in your application, then your visa application will be rejected.
      There is a chance applicants can address their problem by ensuring that they do not merely focus on the minimum required funds.
      Aptech will help you maintain all the proof of adequate finances for more than one year, along with additional documents that should be maintained and included with the application.


    • Choice of Program:
      If the visa officer finds that the chosen program does not align with your academic or employment background, your Canadian student visa may get rejected. If your profile doesn't match your selected college's eligibility criteria, the chance of visa rejection is increased.
      If you genuinely want to pursue the course and if your chosen program does not align with your previous education or work experience, you can address this problem in the application by including a detailed personal statement.
      For any further queries, you can directly contact to college expert of Aptech study abroad team 928 - 928 - 9006, 928 - 928 - 9007 or write at info@aptechstudyabroad.com.


    • Letter of Acceptance:
      The letter of acceptance of applicants is required to meet the minimum entry requirements for the specific institution. For example, a letter of acceptance from a Canadian DLI is required for applying for the study permit. If the applicant's acceptance letter is in question, the Canada student visa may be rejected. In addition, if the visa officer doubts the minimum requirements in the acceptance letter, then your student visa may be rejected.
      Applicants must also ensure that the documents attached as proof of minimum requirements are sufficient. Additional supporting documents can also be attached.


    • English Language Proficiency:
      English is the qualifying language to enter Canada. All the international students must submit proof of language proficiency for which applicants are required to meet the minimum standardized English language test scores of the TOEFL/IELTS exam. The 6.0 bands are required to qualify for student direct stream (SDS). However, if you have five bands overall, you can still apply for a Canada study visa under the general stream. Aptech study abroad provides the coaching for IELTS preparation and the study material to qualify for the IELTS exam.
      Failing to meet the requirements of the mark may result in the rejection of a student visa for Canada.


  • Poor or vague documentation:
    The student's responsibility is to submit all appropriate documentation, including a valid passport, recent photos, adequately completed forms, LOR, SOP, etc. The visa officer will use these documents to determine whether you are admissible to Canada or not.
    In cases of submitting inappropriate documents/ LOR/ SOP with a lack of professional summary/ academic outlined cv, the Canadian embassy has the absolute right to reject your study permit.
    Ensure that you complete all necessary sections and that they're easy to understand. Then, the case manager from Aptech study abroad will take care of all your documentation and establish your proper study permit application.
    we are expert in Career counselling, SOP drafting, LOR drafting, relevancy of study planning, study visa case preparation with utmost dedication so our students will not have chances of rejection of you Canada study visa

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