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Pursue your Masters in Canada

Canada, which has one of the strongest educational systems in the world, is proud of its extraordinarily high postgraduate academic standards. The master's degree you obtain in Canada, from one of the best universities in every province, is sure to have value abroad, giving you the best chance to compete for jobs in your own country or elsewhere, depending on your career choice.

In terms of government openness, environmental sustainability, civil freedoms, quality of life, and, of course, higher education, Canada consistently tops worldwide rankings! Canada boasts the greatest percentage of college graduates in the world, according to numerous annual publications on global education, and its market for overseas students is worth billions of dollars, according to estimates. The nation has some of the cleanest air and water on the planet and is well-known for being a leader in the fight against climate change.

The hospitable nature of Canadians toward foreign tourists is well known, and since the country is made up of both French- and English-speaking citizens, there is a natural appreciation of many languages. Without a doubt, Canada is a warm and lovely country that will enthral you with its unmatched natural wonders, fantastic higher education possibilities, and of course, delectable maple syrup!

Canadian master's degrees

Teaching and research master's degrees are the two varieties of master's degrees offered in Canada. With taught master's degrees, students complete a set of programme courses that result in a master's degree in their chosen field, such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts. However, research master's degrees are more open-ended and allow you to choose the area of study that you want to concentrate on, as long as you adhere to the guidelines established by your programme director. You get the ideal opportunity to strike a mix between theoretically based practical work and research when you pursue your master's degree in Canada.

Popular academic disciplines in Canada

The master's degrees available in Canada cover a wide range of topics, including business, media studies, fine art, and sciences like chemistry and astronomy. However, business and economics, natural science, biological and life science, law and regulation, or engineering and technology are some of the most well-liked master's degrees that foreign students frequently study in Canada.

Procedures for applying and entry requirements

An acceptable undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for enrollment in postgraduate programmes in Canada. Depending on the university you select, you may also require two letters of recommendation from respectable colleges and basic qualifications.

In order to study in Canada, all foreign students are required to have strong test results on an acknowledged English language proficiency exam. Do you need to improve your English before beginning your master's programme?

Period of study 

In Canada, master's degrees typically need two to three years. However, one advantage of earning your degree in Canada is that institutions sometimes offer fast track programmes that can be finished in a shorter amount of time if you want to finish your programme sooner. Depending on your preferred master's degree, the academic semesters in Canada begin in July and terminate in November for winter break before starting up again in January or April.


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