Aptech Study Abroad

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Aptech Study Abroad has grown into one of the most regarded and cherished companies in the study abroad industry since its inception. What started out as a start-up venture a decade ago has grown into an established organization.

We strive to supporting students in making the best decision possible when it comes to pursuing study abroad in world’s best universities and colleges as per their interest and academic background. Aptech Study Abroad provides information on higher education for a variety of nations, being Canada, Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Our strong partnerships with renowned institutions throughout the world, and flawless reputation enable us to provide high-quality education services. Aside from professional academic and career counselling, Aptech Study Abroad provides a variety of quality services to students, including aptitude testing, course and university selection, streamlined application process guidance and assistance, admission assistance, visa guidance, accommodation assistance, and test prep for IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, among others.

We also offer aid with bank loans, travel, foreign exchange, medical and travel insurance, and comprehensive pre-departure planning.

The director of the company came up with the brilliant concept of assisting youngsters with their university applications. He perceived the need for a guiding hand for students. Aptech Study Abroad was established on the idea of individual experience, students who partner with us can rest sure that we have your wellbeing at heart.

Aptech Study Abroad has successfully brought the notion of study abroad to each student's doorstep, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to pursue their aspirations. Our organization's fabric is weaved with professionalism, honesty, and ethics. We have been able to keep our status as India's finest study abroad consultants for the past 14 years because of our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible services to our students.